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only 3 days away

This was my deer skull that I started yesterday. We went into the shading in the skull for the time being, and outlined the antlers. I had fun with this one, its my biggest tattoo I've done to date, and I can't wait to shade in the antlers. It'll be cool to see how this heals....
This was done last wednesday....on my bestest friend Lauren. She's been wanting this tattoo for years, she's been waiting for me to tattoo her since I started apprenticing years back at the other shop, however it was well worth the wait. Although the foot was pretty painful for her, she sat through the whole thing. Kudos to Lauren!!!!! xoxox
close up
Walkin done at No Ka Oi last week. She wanted just an outline at first but I think a little shading and the blue really brought it out.

Cool walkin from today at No Ka Oi. She was super nice, from out of town, and this was her first one. Again, she just wanted linework originally, but after some careful persuading we added some shading just to give it at least some depth. Tattoos that are just outline always look unfinished to me (there are exceptions to this of course) So after this was done she was super stoked on it, as was I. I hope to see her back in the future to possibly add more to it.

So the countdown begins. I leave Friday morning. I'm almost done packing, have to get my bike all packed up so I can ride around the island, and getting all my other stuff in order. I can't wait to get out of here for a little while. It'll be nice to be away from everything and come back refreshed. Its kind of funny....I had literally just mentioned going back to Hawaii to my boss a few weeks ago, and then I get the call to go out there. Funny how things pan out.

Until next time....

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