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Hawaii update

 So my trip started off pretty slow, it was practically dead after that one busy Sunday I had when I first got to town. Dead for almost two weeks. All comes with this profession...feast or famine. Especially in this town.

Anyway, these photos aren't exactly in order so I'm gonna wing it.

This little sunflower was a walkin from last night. Her first tattoo, with her kids' names and a bible verse.
 This rose was done on a friend of a friend, let me do any kind of rose I wanted, and I wanted do something fun with color. The cover up underneath was done by someone else. This was alot of fun to do and got to experiment a bit.

 Another first tattoo on a mother who wanted her daughter's name in Hawaiian.
 Another stab at some polynesian! He was a surfer from Australia with some scarring on his arm. Haven't worked with scars too much as of yet so this was good practice for me. Had some fun with the design, he let me do my thing for the most part.

 This was a fun day! Not much was going on and one of our regulars came in for some pain!!! He wanted these anchors on the soles of his feet! He's been tattooed a bunch already and knew that these would not last. So I got my friend Stolfi in on the fun, we tagged teamed tattooed him! Was my first bottom of the foot as well!

 Lettering on inner bicep....another first tattoo for a young father.
 Keone came in last week to get his owl all finished. Really stoked to get this one under my belt, and because of this one, I have now two more owls to work on before I leave town! Want to play around with textures with the next one. I'm happy with how he healed and the overall layout. Can't wait to do more big pieces like this!
 Canadian dude in town for a few days... wanted this in stone on his back.
One of the very first hip tattoos... cute little shell on another first-timer.

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