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Last few days in Hawaii

 So the last two weeks here have been awesome! I've had the great opportunity to meet some really sweet new people, made some new friends along the way.

These two designs were on Annie's man Thomas. (Annie had the lighthouse design) He wanted a fun spin on the phrases "Jinx Removing" and "Accident Prone". He gave me the design ideas and we did both designs in the same day. What a good sport, he sat for both in one session. Pardon the not so great photo here, they are even I swear! In this photo his one leg is in front of the other just slightly, so they look a bit lopsided, but theyre not :)

 Close up of the one thigh.... kinda blurry photo :(
 Here's the other one, much clearer pic this time. I had alot of fun with a limited color palette as well. Thanks so much to Thomas for being awesome!

This one was a walkin the other day on a Marine (obviously) He had an eagle design he brought with him that was an eagle with the flag colors in the wings... he chose an eagle from the flash we had here so we could work with his budget and we did the rest with color. He was a cool dude and hes one of those people that make the time fly by. This was a fun one... my first eagle!
 This was a walkin as well... she had this already on her wrist and wanted to keep the kanji but get rid of the date.....a good challenge for me considering I haven't done an official coverup yet. I'd like to be able to do these well, and you gotta start somewhere. Here's what we came up with......

After... she didn't want to go too big for this one so this is what we decided on. Looking back at it I could have brought the blue closer to the kanji to frame it... will apply that the next time something like this comes in....

Had some fun with names the other day... I could tattoo swirls all day. Never gets old.

This one was a big challenge. She had the flower with the name already on her in black and grey.. it was old and faded. She brought in images of koi fish that she wanted and wanted to use water and flowers to tie it all together. I was stoked to try this out.... looking back I could have put better shading in the fish and wish that I had talked her into color in the flower she had. It still looks segmented to me. She was the first client I've had that moved the ENTIRE TIME! She moved and squirmed and moaned and everything. She was a good sport and sat for a while, but I suppose we learn how to deal with these situation as they arise right? I had a long chat with Bill about the execution of this tattoo and have a better idea of how to handle a design like this in the future.... it needed more. Another experience to be had everyday :)

This was a walkin, an homage to this man's pup that passed away :(

This was also a walkin.... he brought in the exact design that he wanted....pretty straight forward Nordic runes.

This one was a blast to do! Many thanks to Blair at Volcom next door for letting me do this HUGE fun Dia de los Muertos girl on her calf! She sat so good, lasted 5.5 hrs... I could have had one more hour with her to smooth out the shading some more at the bottom, however she did excellent and I'm really happy with how much we managed to finish. This was one of my first girl heads and she let me design it however I wanted.... so stoked on this one and learned alot from this one.

I'm at the shop today....pretty slow day, which is ok with me. I have two paintings for two different art shows on the same day so I need to get back to work. One sketch left to go then I can start painting! I'll be posting more upon my return to Philly......


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