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Two weeks to go!

 So these pics are a bit out of bear with me here. Things at Skin Deep have gotten busy! Even working on my days off on friends... Sorry for the delay in posting... the lack of internet where I'm staying and working alot I just haven't gotten around to it.

A celtic design from yesterday
 Kind of dissappointed with how this photo came out, but hopefully you can makeout what it is. This woman got tattooed here at Skin Deep 14 yrs ago and came back to get another one. This design is from a pendant that she aquired in Italy that was blessed by the Pope. Obviously we had to leave out a few things because there was alot of detail in the pendant, but we worked with what we had. This one was a fun challenge considering the detail and shading and working in a stretchy area. Definitely have better ideas on how to approach this the next time around. She was really sweet and sat like a stone.
 Closer view... still a light photo
 Another tourist with her first tattoo... She was really sweet as well. It seems to me that most people if not all people I come across here are super nice and friendly and just so down to earth. Not that Philly doesn't have that, it's just a pleasant change.
 This guy was really cool. He came in for two different tattoos in two days, this was the second. Simple and fun.. I like brush stroke designs like this.

 Some hibiscus action on another visitor to the island... for some reason these flowers never get old. Played around with color combinations and tried to remember how Anna gets her flowers so damn smooth! Need to sit with her some more so I can get my flowers to look like hers.
 This one was a fixer-upper. Dude came in with hideous lettering on the forearm, which was obviously done at a houseparty.... so we did what we could to fix up what he had and added some smoke/wind in it as well. The letters still aren't perfect, but we worked with what he had.
 Another Rihanna the same location. This girl was really sweet and it was her first one. I really enjoy giving people their first tattoos...not really sure why. Maybe because I had such a crappy experience with my first tattoo, that I would want to give everyone a really good experience so they would want to get more tattoos....
 Lettering on the chest... getting better at stretching in that area. Keeping it simple for now.
 So this made my day... This guy was visiting from Denmark, and wanted a viking holding a beer! He brought this in with him and I was stoked to do it not only because it was a viking tattoo, but because the image is from a Judy Parker flash sheet.... really love her style of first tattoo was a piece of her flash as well... We didn't deviate too much from Judy's original design, as it was awesome to begin with. Thanks to the giant Viking man and Judy for making that awesome day possible!
 This photo is a little slanted, but I have to say that to date, this is my favorite tattoo. He was a military guy who saw the owl that I did on Keone in my portfolio and wanted me to put a horned owl on his arm. This was not only a blast to draw, but even more fun to tattoo. Got to experiment with textures and large needles that I hadn't used before... really a good time! He sat like a rock, had good conversation and let me do my thing. It's people like this that make my job worth while. There's nothing better than having someone come to you and let you do whatever you want...just give us an idea. I'm stoked that I'm able to get tattoos like these on awesome people more and more. It will come with time.... I need to do more tattoos like this one...

 This was a late night walkin by another military guy. He came in with an outline already done on his arm of a squid. The linework was ok, not great but ok. He let me color this however I wanted so I had a ball with lots of crazy colors! After looking back at this I think I should have gone over every single line, however I'm hoping it will all blend well when it's healed. Another cool dude as well...he sat well for this although he was a hell of a bleeder... gotta tell myself always to slow the hell down and take my time..

 Sorry about the dark photo, another military guy for a small jammer.
 I'm going to have Annie come in for a touchup session and better photos so pardon the glare... This one was fun as well, she wanted something to remember her home....
My second attempt at tattooing ribs. Keone's wife Ari was awesome enough to let me do this on her! Definitely a challenge, slowly getting a grip on how to properly stretch the skin in this area...all these years my fellow artist were telling me how this area is a nightmare to tattoo... and they weren't lyin! 

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