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 So these aren't in the right order, but I'll just go down the line as per usual.

This was a walkin at No Ka Oi a few days ago... Bad Religion!
 I tattooed these in my last post... They just sent me a photo of them together! So cute!
 This was a man who found me via interwebs and asked me to give him his first tattoo... a memorial for someone special he lost. This one wasn't too big and he was a good sport getting this done!
 This is on one of my regulars... I've tattooed him every week or every other week since I got back in town from Hawaii... I think we have one more session left or two to do the stars and dots fill in and add a few small pieces in the empty spots.
 I wish I had a before picture of this one... he came in with the logos already there, for the exception of the lower right roman numerals... needless to say everything was pretty faded and whatnot so I went ahead and freshened up the whole thing.
 This is the half of a best friend tattoo that walked in on saturday in the city. I didn't attach the other picture but they got the same thing...obviously. gotta love cupcakes!
 This was a walkin as well... she came in with this outlined already...
 I know this photo is horrible and dark BUT we colored in the one flower... this was a difficult one, this was my first squirmer... go me!
 Another fun walkin! Buddha! he brought in the image... hope to do more like this!
 Another walkin at the end of the night saturday... Had fun with this one... and he was a cool dude. On a side note, lonestar is supposed to have 2 r's in his case :)
 This was a walkin on sunday at the Portside studio... this was his first one also.
 This is Heather's calf! She was the cherry blossom branch on the foot from a while back. Well she gave me some ideas to go from and I'm going to have so much fun with this piece! We only did the outline for now, but in a few weeks we will have it filled in.
Have some fun stuff lined up so I'll keep you all posted

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