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moving on

 So I haven't had a chance to post anything since I got back to Philly.... Gonna make this quick.

Working at No Ka Oi today... had a newly engaged couple come get matching wishbones...kinda cute idea right?

 So we finally finished the deer skull... One more mini session to go for small touchups however I'm stoked about how it came out. Had alot of fun with the antlers and got to experiment some more...

The 19 was pretty fun too. It was his first tattoo and he did really well. this image is from a Stephen King novel. I liked tattooing this and hope to see him back soon for a healed pic....
 A walk in at the NJ shop.... star action!
 Added onto Ken's arm the other day, we've been slowly adding designs to fill up his arm, we're almost there!! Farther down on this post there's a horse design that also is on his arm. Loving roses lately!

 Just about done Steve's arm. My first poly.
 Walkin at NJ the other day. Still getting better at this area... so far its my least favorite to tattoo!
An old friend from college came by last week and I got to tattoo this on her! Very stoked to finally tattoo someone that has sort of watched me grow from the beginning. Kudos to Nik for taking one for the team for me!!!! You rule!

Until next time....

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