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playing some serious catch up!

 This was done while I was out in Hawaii... he came back in the shop after I came home so they guys out there took a healed photo for me! So excited about this one!!!
 Ken's arm!!!! almost done.....

 pearl jam yo!
 fun little swirlies! probably going to shade this differently next time, but had some fun with this
 this was a walkin.... enjoyed this one as well... i think the background could have been done better, next time I have better ideas for how to make the background look better... practice practice!
 walkin... fun little zodiac action
 KITTIES!!!! did this on a schoolmate of mine from college. enjoyed this ALOT... could have done the ribbon better but overall i had a blast doing this, considering how much i LOVE LOVE cats.... haha
 late night walkin... showin some love for Philly! she's from NJ too!  gotta love Philly!
 walkin.... old english fun

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