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Hello Summer!

 Ok so as per usual I've waited long enough and now it's time to update this again. With summer around the corner the shops have been getting busy! Time to get myself out there and do as much as I can. Here's some stuff I've been working on.....

This was a walkin at No Ka Oi... lettering she brought in.
 This was someone who I tattooed at No Ka Oi a while back, he emailed me while I was working at Skin Deep to draw out some script for him. After numerous emails, we settled on this. Alot of fun to do!
 This was a friend of a client I tattooed a month or two beforehand. She walked in while I was working at the Portside shop and wanted some flowers added onto her exsisting tattoo. Definitely a challenge, we only reworked the roses but she was happy with what we came up with.
 After shot.
 Fun little walkin while I was working at No Ka Oi one day. After working on her for a while she tells me she collects seahorses, how cool is that??
 My friend Rachel was kind enough to let me tattoo her hand (being my first time).... I'll get a healed picture of this, but I was surprised that most of it stayed! Horray for teeth!

The tree above this was a challenge as well, still need to work on stretchy skin and sensitive areas.... Being someone who has tattoos over stretch marks myself I know how rough it can be to get this done. She was very happy with it and kudos to her for giving me more practice!

This plumeria and butterfly piece was done as a walkin while at the Portside shop. I did the outline of the flower on her two weeks prior so she came back to add onto it.
 Fun walkin while at No Ka Oi
 Another fun walkin at No Ka Oi. This girl brought in the image and had drawn it up herself in black and grey. We added color and I enjoyed this one. It's an interesting idea and gave me some practice in realistic-looking eyes.
 Fun walkin on this girl and her sister, they got matching ones.
 Added onto her back, she had the lettering already. She wanted this for her mother... really like this layout and she loved it!
 Forgive the crappy photo... his skin was really puffed up... I'd like to introduce you to my very first screamer.... and I mean SCREAMER. Thanks to my coworker that day for dealing with him yelling most of the time. He didn't move too much, just yelled. He did well and managed to get through it all. Nice dude despite the noise :)
 Fun walkin while in Nj. long live butterflies!
 Another fun one in NJ! God i love pin up girls! Especially naked ones!!!
 Cute walkin at No Ka Oi.
 Another walkin while at No Ka Oi. She didn't have enough $$ to do the entire thing, so I hope to see her back to fill this in... unfortunately alot of people start outlines with artists then either move away or don't want to go back for whatever reason and most likely someone else will finish it. I had a blast drawing this design and hope to be the one to color it in! I love gypsy heads!!!!
 This guy was a friend of a client that I tattooed a few months back... what a fun tattoo! Cute choo choo train with a giraffe driving it! So damn cute and he was a blast to chat with! Hope to see him back again sometime for more!

 Practice practice! I'm still not 100% in this area yet, but I will be! This was a fun challenge and taking my time is key. No rushing! She loved it and after numerous ideas we came up with this.

This was a walkin in Nj.... soooo much fun!!! She came in one day with her friend. We chatted about their designs and she came back the next day. Such cool people. This woman is a pastry chef and has a love for vanilla!!! She was passing through town and wanted to see me, really an honor when someone asks for you specifically. I'm stoked that the hard work is finally paying off and I hope to keep getting people coming my way in the future! Many thanks to this lovely lady and her friend for coming in!!!
This was done on my friend Jess recently. She finally came in to get it done after a while of sketching and resketching. Our mutual best friend Lauren drew up the initial design and I reworked it to be suitable for a tattoo. We were all happy with this and I am going to see her in for a touchup soon. I had a few light spots in the stars that I would like to clean up a bit more. Thanks to Jess for putting your faith in me!
 Small walkin while at NJ shop.... circles... horray!
This is done on one of my new fav clients! He's coming twice to get tattooed in two weeks, and has brought us many clients since then! He loves to get lettering and lets me design it how I like. Really get to have some fun with these!
Carrot!!! Cute walkin while working at No Ka Oi
 Another fun walkin while working at No Ka Oi. One of my coworkers Kris has drawn up this design and she loved it!
Another fun walkin while in NJ! She was super sweet and has even come in for another one since then! It's healing great and I hope to see her in for more! 
More lettering... She had this printed out from a computer and the font was pretty cool.... definitely a challenge doing stuff like this, but at the size we settled on it looked great.
This skull is done on my mentor's best client Tim. He's been getting tattooed by Bill since basically forever, and after all the years of bugging him to let me tattoo him during my apprenticeship, Tim finally let me work on him! While working with Bill I drew this on his knee and filled it in. He later came in to add more spidewebs and spiders down his calf. I was definitely shitting my pants a bit on this one... tattooing right next to tattoos from Bill that dated back to the year I was born! Thanks to Tim for having faith in me!

This is the cross I did on the vanilla bean's friend. Another really nice girl and this was her first tattoo!

You can't go wrong with pizza and root beer! This is done on my college friend who has started collecting fun little tattoos from me recently. Really fun design, there's even teeth in there!
 Finally got to finish this cameo I started on Heather a while back! She was a great sport and sat for hours on end at retarded hours of the morning to finish this!
 Close up shot
 Fun walkin while working at the Portside location. Definitely a difficult area to work, however I took my time and enjoyed how it came out.
 Fun coverup done over in NJ. She sat great for it and hope to see her back for more added onto this!
 Did these roses on a really nice guy who unfortunately lost his wife not too long ago. This was an homage to her. I hope to see him back for some healed photos of this eventually.
 Lower back name action in NJ, walkin
 Another walkin. This woman had the heart with a name in it, and had the name lasered off. I added "Dad" to it and refreshed the heart. She was excited about it and we had some good conversation about art and design and I think we may end up working together on an illustration project soon. God I love my job! So many awesome people to meet!

 This is Tim's leg again. We added the rest of the webs and spiders the other day.... I had fun with these little guys, drew them up and had fun with it!

 This woman was a walkin here in NJ, she had a few faded stars on her foot already, so they needed to get refreshed and added onto it. We made it colorful and also added the stardust greywash behind it all.
This was a blast! I did the kitty cat on Jess a few months ago, and she just came in the other night to add more cuteness onto her arm! The boxing girl was done by another local artist, but the hearts, cupcakes and birdie were added on that day. Thanks to Jess for letting me have fun with this!!!

I'll be reposting again very soon, have alot of fun drawings in the works!!!

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