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Super short haircuts are very stylish and they are famous among celebrities. There are many super short haircuts but they are not suitable for everyone as many haircuts require time for maintenance but super short haircuts have ability to change your whole look.
There are many hairstyles which can be included in this category. Pixie hairstyle and razor cut are best among short hairstyles. There are many types of pixie haircut like standard pixie haircuts, choppy haircuts and shaggy haircuts. Standard pixie haircuts do not require time for maintenance but they require maintenance.
short haircuts  - short hairstyles
Choppy haircuts require time for maintenance because in these hairstyles pointed ends are made and razor is used to make ends pointed. Shaggy haircuts are layered hairstyles. Razor cut is so named because in these hairstyles, razor is used to shape and cut the ends of hairs. Many other hairstyles are suitable for short hairs like bob hairstyles so you can try anyone of your own choice. Bob hairstyles are of many types and they are in fashion every year.
short haircuts  - short hairstyles
With every changing fashion new variations are brought in bob hairstyle but basic haircut remains same. Bob hairstyles can be divided in to two types and these are traditional bob hairstyles and modern bob hairstyles. Modern bob haircuts include inverted bob hairstyles, asymmetrical bob hairstyles, classy bob hairstyles, angled bob hairstyles, sleek bob hairstyles and bob hairstyles with bangs.
short haircuts  - short hairstyles
These are formed with new changes in the basic bob cut as in inverted bob hairstyle; hairs from the front are kept longer while hairs at the back are left short. Asymmetrical bob hairstyle is similar to that of inverted bob but with the difference that in this haircut, one side of hairs at the front is kept longer than the other side and longer side covers the face thus this hairstyle helps in framing your face.
short haircuts  - short hairstyles
But if you are not in favor of above described types of hairstyle then you can go with classy bob hairstyle because in this type, hairs remain of equal length. You can color your hairs but if you want some change then you can go with highlighting of different strands of hairs as highlighting will have more powerful effect than coloring. You can bring changes in your hairstyles 2013 according to your taste by applying your mind but before doing anything with your hairs, you must keep it in mind that your hairstyle helps in making your personality.


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