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Time for coverups

So the last week has been good. Started filling in this tattoo that walked in... she came in with just the outline and needed color. She also has this birthmark underneath that we're covering as well. More to come on this.
Done at the Portside shop, he found this lettering online so we went with it. He sat great for this tattoo, didn't even flinch.

Did this heart at the NJ location this week. She came in with more family members to remember their father who has passed.
This was done this week in NJ as well. She wanted to remember her friend who passed away as well, but we put a spin on it and did cherry blossoms and birds with it. She sat good for it, we worked on her for a while too! Hope to see her back for more!
Had alot of fun with this one, I got to do a cherry blossom branch again and got more experience with the lower back area. It's not the easiest but practice makes perfect!
Did this one yesterday at the NJ location... she just walked in and wanted lettering to match the placement on her other foot. I liked this placement alot and she let me draw up the lettering how I like to.

This one above is a coverup in progress. I've recently done a hibiscus coverup on her arm, this entire piece connects. One more session then we're done!

Diamond done yesterday in NJ as well. This was his first one too! Had some fun playing around with the greys so I hope to see this back healed. Still need more work on my greywash but I'm getting there.....

More to come!

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