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Occasion dresses – How can I establish my own style?

With so many occasion dresses emerging on the runways every season it can sometimes be a little tricky to find the style that’s right for you.

In order find your style begin by asking yourself where you intend to wear the occasion dress. Normal events tend to allow for more muted tones; whereas an assortment of hot hues can be worn to a dressier do.

If you’re looking for a style of dress that allows more coverage and less fuss thenyou might want to consider opting for the jacket dress. These elegant dresses are often favoured by members of the British royal family and include a matching jacket in the ensemble. Sophisticated and demure, these stylish occasion dresses are perfect for formal weddings or family gatherings. In order to create a beautiful finish, keep the fabrics shiny and luxe as opposed to stiff or heavy.

When it comes to matching jackets, duster styles tend to work well with dressy pants, whilst cropped and bolero styles work well with floor-length gowns. If, however, you wish to expose a little more flesh, you could opt for either a strapless dress or something that exposes one shoulder.

An ‘off the shoulder’ dress exposes a little bit of skin without losing anything in the sophistication stakes. Despite such occasion dresses appearing a little  more revealing than your average gown, this style still creates an extremely elegant look. As an added bonus, this style works with almost any figure and the silhouette created adds width to the upper half of the body by balancing out the lower half.

Silk fabrics, emerald shades and deep coral hues are the go-to shades when it comes to investing in an off the shoulder occasion dress.

As well as evening occasions, there may be many daytime parties to attend and these events requires a different style completely. Fresh, floral prints are the most popular option and they end to work really well at outdoor events. The size of the print you opt for will depend largely on your figure. Those with curves should scale any big bloom prints down in order to suit their shape. Larger figures tend to suit a more subtle print that appears less busy. Petite frames can
pull off more intricate or statement prints.

With most evening dresses accessories should be kept simple. Metallic shoes and a similar styled clutch are great options and work to create a nice balance. Adding an oversized beaded necklace in a vibrant shade is a must, especially if you wish to keep the ‘cuteness factor’ fully intact.

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