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Summer update!

 So it's been steady lately, alot of new challenges everyday!

Walkin at the NJ shop - his first one!
Another first timer.... this was a two session job, the lettering (yes its upside down) was his idea (it has special significance to him and his family). He sat well for it and I can't wait to see it healed. It was a challenge tattooing this area, however tribal and lettering are the best practice! Kudos to Nik for being a trooper for this one!
This was a walkin as well, had a very specific way he wanted this design and the lettering so we went with it.

Thanks to Carmen again for the We the People tattoo. Had a blast doing it and he sat so well! (done over at the NJ shop its across his shoulders)

The roses and banners were done at No Ka Oi on a nice young guy, this was his first one.
It healed great!!!!! Did another one on him it will be posted later on in this post!
One of my good friends from college came in to get this homage to her pup and best friend Wyet! Can't wait to color this one in!!!
Jessica Rabbit - bad pic
Crazy octopus started a week or so ago.. kinda fun painterly spots which was fun...totally different from how I drew it, but he was really cool and we met in the middle with his design, I got to keep the suckers how I drew them and made the outside and eyes of the octopus the way he wanted them. Always a compromise, we can't tell people what to get.... in the end it's still their tattoo and we should give them what they want. However in most cases people want the impossible, or next to impossible. Anyway hope to see him back to finish it!
Done on my boyfriend.... really stoked to color this one in. I got to do one of my girl heads again!
Lettering done at NKO
Small walkin
Fun lotus done at NKO
Started this tattoo... he already had the heart, we added a state outline and a rose with vine... he wants to come back to color the vines.

Thanks to Nicole for this awesome tattoo! I loved doing this!!! She actually came back this week and it healed great! Pics to follow!

Geometric design walkin at NKO
This one was fun too! Stone Mayan design on her arm! Hope to get more like this!
More geometric stuff! This guy always gives me a challenge!!!

Flying Pig!!!! Love love love this one!!! I hope to see this guy back for the flying cow!!!!
Lettering done at No Ka Oi
Another fun walkin, her first tattoo!
Grateful Dead design!

Will post more soon! Been keeping busy!


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