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One week til the Cape

This is a speedy catchup posting, since I haven't been posting often at all. I'm heading up to Massachusetts for next week to guest spot at Coastline Tattoo. Pretty excited to go! I've never been up that way, road trip time!

This woman has a wedding quickly approaching and needed this old bird tattoo covered asap. She wanted a day of the dead inspired girl head and we worked her new husbands name into the coverup. The photo isn't the best but I hope to see her in for a healed pic.
This was a fun walkin at No Ka Oi one day... a cook! Love this one!
Another walkin, Fun lettering across the chest. Not an easy area at all... still need work in this spot but so long as I take my time all goes well.
Heather came back for another one! We finished the cameo and now a tree on the opposite leg... this one goes onto the foot as well to compliment the cherry blossoms on the other foot. More to come on this one...... going to add color next time!

A fun chrysanthemum from No Ka Oi!
Nicole's dock tattoo healed PERFECT! So stoked she came back so I can take a pic! Hope to see her again for another one! She was a trooper!
Another walkin, his first tattoo. What a fun image he brought in!

Barber inspired tattoo on my friend Carl from Hawaii... he came to visit and I finally got to tattoo him!!! YAY!

This was one of my clients from  few months ago... got this lettering in her Dad's writing for him.... always a good reminder to have with you always.
This is done on one of my very first clients from Hawaii - Dave. He gave me some reference and drove up from VA to get this one done. Thanks to Dave for letting me do something fun! Needs a better photo - next time i see him I'll take a better one

The cityscape was an appointment. The girl brought me a contour line drawing she did herself and she wanted to only do linework and work her design around her arm. After some resketching we ended up with this.
This was a walkin at the South St location... you can see what he had, and what he left with! Fun coverup practice!
Elbow fun!

A fun bug design done at No Ka Oi
Also done on Dave... hes been making trips between Maine and Virginia and stopping in Philly each time he passes through! He let me do this fun moth as a filler piece!
This is the start of a lower leg sleeve.... shark to come later!
This was a technical nightmare.... after some serious sweating its done!
Thanks to Becca from Moore College for letting me do this fun My Little Pony on her! She and I went to college together and shes watched me go from school, to apprentice, to artist! Thank you for waiting Becca!!!! The photo is kind of light but when it heals I'll get a better one.

Cute wings done at No Ka Oi...

Another Moore girl! My old friend Hannah got this in homage to the late Wyet Earp... her man who she lost not too long ago to Cancer. She was kind enough to let me do my first dog portrait on her! Thanks to Hannah for also waiting for me to finish the apprenticeship and do this fun tattoo on her! More to come!

I have more images to post to be continued.....

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