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Florida wedding

An original way of saying “I am yours forever”

Have you ever heard of making tattoos on an unnamed finger instead of putting a wedding ring on it? If no, here is some material and photo for you to think it over. Your (Florida wedding will win a lot from that.) 

Actually, replacing the wedding rings with tattoos on unnamed fingers is nowadays not such a rare practice. But what strikes more, year after year more and more couples tend to do that instead of simple purchase of gold or silver wedding rings.

I guess, the matter is not in money at all, I doubt if making a tattoo in tattoo salon will cost that less than buying even a golden ring in the jewelry store. He ground tends to be in the face that more couples wish to make their marriage not just unique but also prove themselves and everyone that they are not planning to come apart.

We all know, and it’s no hard to find out, that tattoos are those marks on skin that stay forever and can be hardly removed (a tattoo removal procedure is even more painful) and therefore, those couples who prefer to do tattoos rather than to buy rings, wish their love and marriage be forever, they are sure, what they do today and together, will stay with them till the end of their lives.

Well, it’s absolutely their right and no one can judge them for that, that’s their bodies and they are free to draw on them whatever they wish, if that’s their common agreed decision. Maybe, these tattoos are really that binding link that will not and should not le the two part, even in hardest times of their married life?

 Who knows but one thing is really undoubted: no matter are you making a tattoo on unnamed finger or put a wedding ring there, if you two in your couple really wish to stay together till the end of your lives and during your marriage really do your bet for that, then you will be able to do that without marking your skin with tattoos. 

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