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Having Fun With Pivot Stickfigure

Do you know, you dont have to study hard to make your own animation. Cause today i have a little program but more powerful to having fun. Its called Pivot Stickfigure Animation. This is my sample animation :D
It's seen fun right :D, if you not patient to start, you can download the program at this

Follow this tutorial create your first animation :D :

1. Open the program (its portable program), you will see a stickman are waiting to have fun with you :D.

2. Try to move the red point to make a move action

3. Clik Next Frame button to make a first frame. You will see at top a frame was update.

4. Repeat point 2 and 3 with another point what do you like to make its dance :D

5. If you are finished your frame, click Play button to see your stick move :D

6. You will smile while see it at first right :D hehe its fun.. you can save your animation at File > Save Animation > Click at Save as Type and choose your type > OK.

7. This is some animation from me :D Enjoy to see it...

If you want to add some effect as the animation above, visit this link Enjoy it :D..

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