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I'm Greer from Wanderlust and lookbook!
a few days ago, Lisa reached out to me and
asked if I'd like to do a short post about my tights,
and how i wear them, but Ive never done one! so bare with me :3
when it comes to my own style,tights are the base. whether they are opaque,
patterned or sheer, i find they add a cute touch
to the entire look. that's why, for me, summer is the worst.
it means no tights!

In me first image below, you can see me sporting my favourite
pair of black opaque tights. these, and any dark tight are
perfect when i cannot decide if a skirt or 
dress is too short to wear on its own.
however, i always get ones that are a
warm black, for grayish always feel too harsh and
can make me look stumpy,hahha. 
tights for me make me comfortable,
make me feel more like myself.
and that's what i think clothes are meant to do.
express who you are, how you feel, and
what you re going through.

by far my favourite kind of tights are my
grey knit ones. they are less intense than
the opaque black, and i love to pair them with
a floral dress and over the knees or a colourful
skirt. try them! i guarantee you'd fall in love :3
for a more complicated look, i go for a very 
sheer black or brown, but they never seem to last long,
due to all the ladders!
for shoes, you cannot go wrong with oxfords
(i have six hehe) but i also love neutral coloured
heeled booties or soft sneakers.
this autumn, I'm looking to find sheer coloured 
tights, greens, maroons, and some more knit
ones to bring in all the hues that fall has.

if you want to experiment with tights n such 
but don't know where to find any, i recommend
free people, top shop, and even your local
target or Macy's!
i hope this was beneficial to some, 
i had such fun making it :3
thank you again Lisa!
feel free to check out my look book
here, or if you have any questions ask me

1. my less opaque black tights,
probably around 40 denier, paired with a 
big fluffy cardigan and dress

2. sheer brown tights wif over the knees
(which conveniently hide rips) and bunny 

3. black, large pattern tights,
i love to pair them with more simple
items with bright colours,
like me new sweater and shorts!

4. my favourite small pattern black tights
with sweater, shorts, fingerless gloves and 
over the knees. i like to keep the other
patterns to a minimum, but since me tights
have a small design, i add more colourful

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