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This girl is going international baby!

Ok so this is going to be a hefty post filled with lots of pics that I've been working on for the last month or so. Now that I think about it I don't think I've posted much since I left for Cape Cod... which was a while ago!

Oh boy!

So here we go.....  This was from a previous post... his first tattoo healed!!

Closeup view of the pocket watch
I'm not sure if I got to post this one yet. This was done on a lovely Derby Gal! Hopefully the skates won't hide this fun one!

Fun fixer-upper on a lovely lady who happens to be the sister of one of our long time clients of the shop, and friend who used to work at the nearby coffee house. She had the rose on her foot done a while back when she was young and needed it fixed, so we settled on this... subtle color with lots of black. Fun one!!!
The lovely Ellen came by and got some lettering. Another fun one! Big thanks to her for the good conversation and good times!

This was done at the NJ location... her first tattoo and although its a crappy photo I liked how it came out and I hope to see it healed sometime!
This one was done while I was in Cape Cod on a walkin. Experimented a bit with the faded buds in the background. I could have made them a bit darker looking back but she enjoyed it and I got to work with different inks.
BIG thanks to Kaeleigh for driving from Boston to Provinvetown to start this very BIG first tattoo! She not only sat like a champ, but was a pleasure to tattoo and had a great sense of humor... which is helpful when you're going to be working with someone for hours at a time. We still have another long session to finish this... still needs color and shading in the key. More to come on this one.
Also done on a fellow artist in P-town. He had a black lightening bold by his thumb (shame on me for not getting a before photo) so we covered it up with a cool anchor that I drew up a while back and never used.
Kudos to Dave for coming back (yet again) only this time he came all the way to P-town to get some more work! My very first money rose! I got some good practice with this one and had a blast doing it!  More to come on Dave.. I've done a bunch on him and don't plan to stop!

This was an appointment that I had met over at the No Ka Oi studio. She was super sweet and sat like a champ for this very sensitive area. I hope to see her again for a touchup in a few areas and a healed photo.
A walkin while I was working in NJ. Self explanitory eyeball.. cool image, very aztec looking.
Another walkin while in NJ. Rachel actually drew up this one since we were so busy there was no time! Always lining them up for us!!!
Thanks to Jack for letting me do this fun one on him! Angel/Gargoyle forearm piece. I hope to expand on this one later on. We have one last touchup session to do to smooth out the wings and stuff. A big learning experience for me on this one. Big format, played around with wind and more advance black and grey... I still have ALOT more to learn but I had fun with this one.
Dave is back again! This one was so fun! My first anatomical heart! He was one of my very first clients and he still comes back! How awesome is that!!  I'm getting ready to tattoo him again tomorrow so I'll post pics of that as soon as I can.
Fun buddha! This was a modified version of a photo she gave to me for reference. I enjoyed this one, very graphic and bold!
This was done on a woman who I met over at the South St shop a month or so ago. These birds were taken from an illustration where the birds emerge from trees. I can't remember the book for the life of me but it was only illustrations and no text. These "birds" are made of leaves and in the book there's a conductor that makes the trees breakup into birds. Anyway these were taken from that book and with the placement I think they came out well and I hope she adds more soon!
Add on... added an octopus! Really enjoyed this one!
BIG BIG thanks to Ed for letting me tattoo him finally!!! Hes a long time client of Jackie Brown's and I've been watching her tattoo awesome things all over him since I started apprenticing at the shop and he saved me a spot! These kittle darlings are for his children! SO much fun!!!
Bad lighting in the pic, but this was done on Eric who I've tattooed in the past. This one was done for his children as well. I hope to see him back soon for a touchup and healed pictures!
Thanks to Shari for coming back in for more! She drew this up and I added a little more style to it to make her tattoo! Even the small tattoos can be fun to do when you have good company! 
THANK YOU CHRISTINE!!!! I finally got to tattoo my coworker and friend. She's one of those people that make working fun! I really enjoyed doing this one on her and got to experiment with a different shading. I haven't done a ganesha until this day.
I think I posted the older version of this one. Done on Jeremy from Texas. His departure from Philly was coming closer to we got him in to add a bit more shading to the tentacle we added on a few weeks prior and to fill in a cherry blossom on the back of his arm that was left empty from a while back.
bad pic, but got to add a panda to the infamous Panda Guy! Surf's up!
Did this one maybe a little less than a year ago. Healed PERFECT!!! Thanks to Bri for coming back! She even got some lettering!
Walkin done at No Ka Oi
Started this on the lovely Felicia!! She had some things she didn't want to cover but wanted to incorporate so we came up with this! The flower with the heart will be reworked as well as the one on her neck. We're going to do the shading on it this week so more to come!

more to come on this!!

More skulls on Tim!!!
around the ankle!!

This was fun as well! On one of Anna's clients! Really enjoyed this one and am loving lettering!
Started this on Miss Ayla! Happy Birthday girl!
Started this a few weeks ago.. will be adding shading next week! Zeus/Ganymede half sleeve... maybe move into the inner bicep when we're done?
Another view...alot of grey lines

More on Jeremy! He has left for Texas but we got alot done this day! I hope to get to Corpus Christi after the New Year to finish this and hang out with some old friends!
Lettering on an old friend who I haven't seen in a while. Thanks to Theresa!
Done on a couple this past weekend - on Him
On her
Thanks to Becca for letting me tattoo her again!!! Fun lettering! Will take better picks when the swelling is down! 

Started this one last week! Magnolia blossoms! Really fun!
Started this one a few weeks ago... will be very soft black and grey with colored roses. Can't wait to get this one in the book!

Started this about a month ago... hoping to finish it soon! Celtic! I don't usually do this stuff BUT it's great experience and technical practice. I actually enjoyed it!
 Done the other day at No Ka Oi... even though alot of people get these... they're still so damn cute
 This was an add on. He already had the moon and clouds on the arm and he wanted to add a geometric-infinity frame around it with symbols to represent people in his life.
 Nik came back today and it healed great! Had a few small spots to touch up but overall he did a great job taking care of it!
 Started this fun one today! Can't wait to see her back for healed shots! She wanted subdued color with lots of black and skin showing! We plan to add onto this and go down her back but for now here we are! Still difficult working on the clavicle area and that shoulder/chest/neck transition area. There may be a few touchups to do but all comes with the experience I guess. I loved doing these Peonies and hope to get more work like this!

So the big news is that I'm headed to Australia in two weeks to work at the Illustrated Man in Sydney with Tony Cohen and then to the Melbourne Tattoo Show the first weekend in November! Next excited/nervous for this trip, but its so needed!!! I can't wait! I'm also heading to New Zealand and Thailand! Stay tuned for posts from all over the world!!!


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