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Guest post- Turn your tights into a top -

I had to take a pose of my cute new top with my cute new kitten! I watched today a video on youtube posted by ItsmyRayeRaye and have been completely obsessed since! Ive spent my eveing cuttin up various tights and im completely hooked. Here's the video posted on youtube by ItsMyRayeRaye.

So I practiced with a couple of plain black tights as seen in the video, but I couldnt wait to start cutting up my patterned and knitted tights to get the same effect! I brought some many patterned tights over the years that just haven't been worn; so im giving them a new sense of well being and loving with this DIY technique.

I haven't created my own 'how to' for this because its sooo simple if you just watch this video, and I dont want to take credit for someone elses ideas, but have a look at my new tops!

1st pair - cream cable knit tights = new cropped jumper!

 2nd Pop Art tights = new print top!

 3rd and lastly a custom Henry Holland top! I brought this tights over a year ago but never worn them. I love the print but it just doesnt look right as a tights on me - so bring on new top!

Quick styling, I'd wear it under a jacker like this leather one.

Or break up the pattern by wearing a chunky knit scarf

What do you think!! So much fun and it takes just 2 mins!

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