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Heart tights DIY

You have to paint the shapes onto the tights as
 you are wearing them, either that or put them on 
someone else and paint the tights whilst on them, 
which might be a little easier. I was happy with the
 outcome of these but rather than using
 fabric paint I used a fabric pen. 

Using A Fabric Pen

The problem with using a fabric pen is that the paint
 from the pen instantly sinks through the tights and
 onto your skin, which whilst its on your skin, the
 colour of the silhouette on the tight looks really dark, 
but once the tights have dried, and you take the tights
 off (and wash your legs off), the colour
 is quite faded, hence the grey colour of the hearts, 
which still look nice but aren't as dark
 as what I would have liked.

You need to keep the tights on for a 
good while, or use
 a hair-dryer to dry them completely before removing t
hem, the last thing you want to do is 
spend forever painting your tights and then to take
 them off and smudge them all.

The upside to using a fabric pen is that it is a lot easier
 to control then the paint, and if your a messy person
 like me, less messy things are better
, but the outcome of the tights with a fabric pen are 
nowhere near as good as the outcome
 of the tights with paint. Also with the Pebeo Fabric 
Pens I used, the tights are washable 
after 24 hours of applying, where as the paint is only
 washable after fixing with an iron, which 
is just more hassle if your feeling lazy! :P

I also created these tights with a fabric pen, but
 I only took photos directly after drawing them on,
 which is why the colour looks darker here. 

Using Fabric Paint

Although I am quite arty, I am also quite messy, which is
 why paint wasn't my favourite medium to use, but it did have the best outcome and 
overall look once finished! but the painted tights do take slightly longer than
 with the fabric pen.
I found it easier to create a stencil first, just so that the
 shapes are of the same shape and size, I did a few free 
hand but they didn't have the same 
perfect shape as the ones I did with a stencil. 

Do a light layer of paint and then another coat over that,
 if you lay the paint on too thick it will smudge! 

Have a hair-dryer close at hand, and once you are happy
 with the coverage of the paint, use the hair dryer to part dry the tights.

After this sit and watch T.V. for a bit, just to make sure
 that they are fully dried, when the paint is fully dry you can 
take the tights off, the bits that are painted will feel as if they
 are stuck to your leg, and you have to peel them off, which 
is quite fun, kind of like peeling glue off your hands
, which I always liked to do as a child!

Unfortunately the craft shop was out of black paint, 
so I brought some white paint, and tested them on 
black tights, which look really nice.

Here is the outcome of Fabric paint on tights.

Me getting messy

My handmade stencil!

I can't wait to paint some more tights up now! I need
 to get some more tights and some more paint! I think I'm
going to stick to paint in future, and I'll have to just stop being
 lazy and get the iron out! If you have any more tips for me,
 or if you want to know anything else, then just comment XD


Tanya  x

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