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Alphabet tights DIY

Oh Hi! . Often times we encounter difficulties with 
some of our projects and have to change 
up our ideas or simplify them. Our original plan was
 to scatter letters all over tights to 
make a really
 cool pair of 
 alphabet tights but it was too hard to keep each letter
 from morphing into each other so we just
 did a couple letters
 and the results are still fun. We might 
revisit this project
 and figure out another way to go about it.

We used felt alphabet stickers we found at

 the craft store. Esentially you can use any shaped 
felt, cloth
 sticker or ordinary fabrics.
1. peel off the stickers
2. while wearing the tights stick 
the letters wherever you want.
3. flip the tights inside out so the sticky
 part is facing up. carefully peel apart the tights 
because the sticker will s
tick to itself and morph a little. (do this 
carefully to avoid runs, we made some runs!)
4. using a glue gun at low temperature,
 spread a thin layer of glue all over the letter.
5. wear em! easy peeze

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