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Back in Ptown again!

So I'm back in Provincetown, Mass for the second time this summer... and it's been busy!

I know I've neglected the blog for a minute, so here's some things I've been working on back in Philly and here in Ptown.

 Started these outlines on one of my clients back in Philly. Hes working on a sleeve with a collection of  fun old school inspired designs. More on this soon!
 This is a fun project I started on a friend of mine, she's taking one for the team and letting me do an awesome fun phoenix on her arm. She has a bird on her forearm so we're going to work it into that eventually. More to come on this as well.
 Fun illustration of Ann Boleyn started before I left Philly. I have an appointment when I get back to start shading.
 BIG thanks to Abby for this fun Lotus blossom in a not-so-fun area to tattoo! She sat like a champ as always!
 Another outline! Been doing some bigger work lately... which is fun but frustrating! I want to finish them all now!  This one should be fun when it's done - we're going for a stained glass look!
 Love flowers always.....
This one was fun too! mirror image with birds and cherry blossoms. Again, any and all flowers! Love them!
 This was his first tattoo! He sat for about 3.5 hours and the next day had to head to Afghanistan. Safe travels home my friend!
 Got some progress on Morgan's water cycle sleeve. This one is a blast to do!
 I had the great opportunity to add onto a tattoo originally designed and started by Anna Paige! I added an extra flower and some swirls to cover a small scar she had.

 Above is the massive coverup I had been working on for a while. We finished it about a month ago now, here's the before shot too.

Joshua tree for a lone traveler.... really enjoyed this one too! loving working with black and grey!
 Another flower! Love lilies!
 Cyclist design brought in by the client and we tweaked it a bit.
 More progress on Patrick's half sleeve, which originally started as just the fishing reel.... and grew from there! Not too much left on this but we're making great progress!
 Not a great angle but this is done on the lovely Miss Heather! I've tattooed her a bunch and don't intend to stop! Thanks girl!
 Her first tattoo.... painted wolf. She sat so great for this and I had so much fun playing around with the fun colors! I hope to see this one healed up!
 Thanks to my homie Heather for letting me tattoo her ribs! We did this one in two sessions, i'll post healed pics when I see her again.
 Moonflowers for Miss Jen!!! She brings me cookies everytime I tattoo her so bring me more!
 Fun spin on the usual walkin. I don't mind doing the same type of tattoo often....but when I get the chance to put my own spin on it... that makes it worth it.
 Another angle
 His first one! Done in two sessions... could use a touchup session for a few spots looking back at it and bc I'm a perfectionist.

Side note- He provided the image... I just tweaked it a bit.

 The skeleton above is for one of my favorite clients Dave! He came to Ptown from Connecticut and got this start to his half sleeve.... as well as his elbow which we did as well. I have more to go on this one and still have work on his leg to finish up!

To the right - she came to Coastline from Denmark and got this plastic bag.... an ode to American Beauty?
 Everyone loves a gentleman octopus!!! Really fun one. This family that came in was great! All 6 of them came from Boston and all got tattooed! What a great day!
 Done on one of the family members as well. He did great and provided the image (flash) from the web.
Dave's elbow... the very tip will probably need another hit when I see him again but he did great as always! I'll be bummed when he leaves for the west coast!    Looks like I need to find a place in So Cal to visit......

More to come and thanks for looking!

I'm getting ready to leave the Cape to go back to Philly for two weeks, then off to DC to Cirque du Rouge with the lovely Cynthia Rudzis!! Can't wait to get a grand tour of DC, it's been so long since I've been there!

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