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Which sheer tights are best for you ?

Those of us that would never consider ourselves fully dressed without a pair of tights or stockings (me!) might once have been considered rather old fashioned.  Now sheer hosiery fans have a bona fide style leader in the form of the Duchess of Cambridge who never ventures out without a ladylike pair of sheer tights.  Sheer tights have been selling fast this summer and especially the ultra sheer styles (less than 10 denier) that give a natural look, like your legs but better.  As a result we have enhanced our range with lots of new ultra sheer products from brands like Cette, Levante and Trasparenze, to add to our existing best selling products from brands such as Falke and Pretty Polly.  But which one is best for you?  The choice can be daunting.  To help you make your selection I have produced a comprehensive guide of our natural look tights.  There’s something for everyone, whether you want a bare leg look, toeless, or even ladder resistant!

What look on your leg?

For me, the most important thing is what the tights will look like on my leg – and the key to this is the products finish, of which there are three main types. Firstly the ultimate bare leg look tights, which are not matt but cannot really be called shiny either, more they give your legs a natural glow, and have such a natural finish that people always think I have bare legs (these tights generally have a different construction method as well – see below).  The two other finishes; matt and slight sheen/shiny are like regular sheer tights, just sheerer and therefore much more subtle looking on your legs.  Which you go for is up to personal preference.
The other key point when buying tights is what they will look like on your toes?  You can choose between sheer, sandal or even toeless tights.  No ultra sheer tights have a regular reinforced visible toe, so all the products are suitable for summer shoes. Just check the detailed descriptions to see exactly what the toe is like.

Ultimate Bare Leg Look Tights

You really can wear tights that look totally and completely natural on your legs, they just make them look better, healthier and give a more even, flawless appearance.  When wearing products such as the Falke Shelina tights I have frequently had people say to me “Laura, I can’t believe that youare not wearing tights’ and I am!
As I mentioned above, for me, the best bare leg look tights often have a different fabric construction and are made from a Bicomponent yarn.  Products using this type of yarn have an incredibly sheer, gossamer like appearance.  They feel different from the moment you take them out of the pack.  They will often appear much finer than the stated denier on the packaging but you still get the benefit of extra durability from a higher denier.  Your legs really will look ‘better than bare’.  I also find products made from a bicomponent yarn much cooler to wear, so they feel great too.
Our current best selling product made from bi-component yarn are Falke’s Shelina 12 Denier Tights.  The Shelina range boasts a wide variety of styles to suit every need, such as hipster for those wearing low slung skirts and shorts this summer, knee highs and ankle highs, as well as toeless tights and toeless hold ups.  They also come in a very wide range of colours.
La Perla Leger tights are another luxurious bare leg look tights option made from a bicomponent yarn, which have the strength of 20 denier tights, whilst remaining ultra transparent.
My other favourite bare leg look tights are the new Cette Long Beach Tightsthese are also perfect for the hotter weather and even to take on holiday as they are infused with aloe vera to help cool and soothe clammy or sunburnt legs.
The  Wolford Luxe 9 tights are a luxurious alternative, they have been described as “like wearing make up on your skin” – so these are another great option for a really natural loo, whatever your skin tone.
Often these fabulous Bare Leg Look tights are more expensive, but believe me it is worth it.

Ultra Sheer Tights with a Sheen Finish

There are a range of options if you want to wear ultra sheer tights with a slight sheen finish to give you a just moisturised look.
One of my favourite new ultra sheer tights are the Trasparenze 8 Denier Capri Tights which will give your legs a lovely healthy glow whilst remaining virtually undetectable.  The natural look is especially easy to achieve given that they are available in seven shades and so there is a colour for every skintone, from dark African skin, through Mediterranean and sun tanned, to the palest of English skin.
Trasparenze Tropea Tights also have a slight sheen to them, however they also have an open toe so are really great for showing of your pedicure.  They also have two loops that hook over your big and little toe which keep them in place.
You can also go for an ultra shiny, just oiled look with the Pretty Polly Naturals Oiled Tights that have a gorgeous glistening effect to really give that sun-kissed look!  These are perfect for recreating a post-holiday glow and giving you beautiful shimmering legs.

Matte Ultra Sheer Tights

A lot of people prefer a completely matt look on their legs, and though I personally like a bit of a shine, matt tights look amazing and are more likely to feel unbelievable soft to the touch.
When it comes to matt ultra sheer tights there is also loads of choice with products suitable for everyone, all occasions and budgets.
One of the most popular new ultra sheer products is Levante’s Resistenza Tights which incredibly are only very fine and ladder resistant.  They are made from a yarn that looks incredibly natural and feels sensational, but is still resistant to runs – and at only 5 denier is fairly miraculous in my opinion.  OK, they are not indestructible (don’t yank when you put them on!) however if you do snag them, they really do not ladder, you just get a hole.
We were so excited when we received the Trasparenze Noemi 8 Denier Tights. They are made from a 3D fibre which means they have fantastic fit (3D Elasticity!) and incredibly even colour: They are also fabulously soft to touch and have a wonderful even matt appearance as well as being very comfortable.
As always Wolford have produced the luxury option with their Wolford’s Individual 5 tights.  These tights also have 3D construction (fabulous fit, luxurious appearance and soft touch) and are a joy to wear.  They are the ultimate in luxury, and give a great fit as well as a gorgeous, slightly powdery looking, matte finish.  This classic and extremely natural look is achieved by the super thin finish (they’re 5 denier!) and they are also packed full of extra comfort features that make these tights Wolford classics and worth paying that bit extra for.
For everyday wear you cannot beat the ever popular Pretty Polly Naturalsrange.  These 8 Denier tights come in several shades and have an ultra-sheer toe which means you can wear peep toe shoes and have very natural looking legs!  Even better, they are less expensive (from only £4.00!) which makes them perfect for day-to-day wear.  The Pretty Polly Naturals range has products suitable for all occasion including some great hold upsopen toe tights, as well as some unique Secret Slimmer control tights, which slim and define your waist and hips whilst remaining invisible, under your clothes and on your legs!  These are a great option if you want fabulous looking legs but also some figure support.
Whether you favour a sheen or a matte finish on your bare leg look tights, need some extra support or just want the best value for money, we’ve got the style for you, and since we have expanded our range there is even more choice than ever before.  Bare legs will never go out of style so make sure yours are perfect courtesy of

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